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Amethyst 1:1 flexible learning management and development programme

Comments from individuals who have undertaken modules

“I found Maggie to be warm, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. Her ability to view a topic from different angles really helped me personally to get the most out of our module”

“I found working with Maggie on a one to one basis extremely helpful and rewarding. She opened my eyes to the many different ways that can help with my professional development and helped me to understand how to meet the ongoing changes within my job role”

More....act was dramatic! With the strategies I have learnt I now have control over my day. I no longer need to fit ‘my’ work in and around others. My colleagues have a greater respect for my time and I am thus able to meet the needs of my team and of myself. I was feeling rather burned out and exhausted with trying to implement changes that were having no effect. I am incredibly grateful to Maggie for helping me take back control which now means I can enjoy work again!“

“After the first meeting Maggie understood my professional needs and created different modules to help me improve myself.”

“One of my issues was delegation. I always thought ‘if I do on my own, I can do the jobs faster and better’. Maggie helped me to understand that thought was wrong and that with good training and support, each member of the team can help to achieve the common objective of delivering a good service. She gave me the tools to build a strong team”

“I feel very grateful for the opportunity because Maggie and her course has been a positive change on my life”

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